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September 2016

Aachen (DE) - All Nations Cup & Nationales Championat Fotos online

Exter (DE) - Show, Dressage, Jumping & Western Fotos online

August 2016

Kauber Platte (DE) - B-Show & Amateur / Breeders Cup Fotos online

Bad Oldesloe (DE) - Fotos online

Juli 2016

Neue Homepage online /
New website online:
Karolinenhof Bad Waldsee

Ströhen (DE) - Fotos online - intern B-Schau, europäische C-Schau

Mai 2016

Berlin Cup (DE) - Fotos online - intern B-Schau, europäische C-Schau

Manerbio Arabian Horse Event (IT) - Fotos online

Oktober 2015

SZAP Sporttag (CH) - Fotos online
ANC Turnier (DE) - Fotos online

September 2015

Aachen Nationales Championat, ANC, Futurity (DE) - Fotos online - mehr auf Anfrage!
10. Salzkotten Festival (DE) - Fotos online

August 2015

Weilburg-Drommershausen 2015 (DE) - Fotos online - Bestaendeschau

Arabischer Adel im Norden 2015 (DE) - Fotos online - Bestaendeschau

Landesmeisterschaft 2015 EWU Niedersachsen (DE) - auszw. Fotos online - Western Turnier

References for our Service Media Art

The pictured references serve for the exemplary illustration of our services in the field of design (layout and typesetting) and print preparation. The production of the printed results can be performed by our business partner, a reprographic specialist company.

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Business Cards

Plate Advertising and Textile Printing

Advertising plates and labels for indoor and outdoor use (e.g. door plates) in different sizes and printed on different materials in digital and direct printing

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Flyers and Brochures



Banner in digital printing for outdoor use in different sizes

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Exhibition Systems - Poster Prints

e.g. L-System Stand W 85 x H 206 x D 51 cm, Aluminum, Weight 1,2 kg, Print W 85 x H 200 cm

or Roll-Up-System Stand W 85 x H 206 x D 18 cm, adjustable between 160 - 206 cm, Weight 5,5 kg, Print W 80 x H 160 - 200 cm

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Layout and Typesetting - books, magazines, calendars, catalogs, covers